Forms and Templates


Budget Forms  
Help with Budget Development (including budget justification)

The following templates contain current Fringe Benefit and F&A Rates rates.

If you are a Mac user and are receiving error messages regarding Active X when using one of the following templates, please contact your OSPA Pre-Award Administrator.

Streamlyne Budget Export to Excel by PD can be found here. LINK
One Page Budget Form  [rev 11/01/2023] (MS-Excel File)
Budget Justification Template [rev 12/05/2022] (MS-Word File)
Cost Share Support Request Form [rev 10/1/2022]
       Note: Form must be downloaded to complete.
 (Cybox Link)
Cost Share Support Request Form Instructions [10/1/2022] (Cybox Link)
F&A Calculator - USDA TFFA vs Negotiated Rate [rev 5/15/2019] (MS-Excel File)
Indirect Cost Rate Definitions [rev 2/12/2017] (MS-Word File)
University Documents  
Proposal Documents    
Cover Page for Proposal (generic)   (MS-Word File, 1 page)
Intellectual Property Management Plan Template [rev 7/11/2018] (MS-Word File, 6 pages)
Proposal Boilerplate (PDF File, 1 page)
Request for Facilities & Administrative Cost Reduction or Waiver (Web Link)
Transmittal Letter - template to be used when ISU is a subcontractor [rev 12/5/2023] (MS-Word File, 2 pages)
Industry Transmittal Letter - template to be used when submitting to industry sponsors [rev 12/5/2023] (MS-Word File, 2 pages)
GRA Minimum Stipend Search by Program [rev 5/7/2024] (MS-Excel File)


Award Documents
Advanced Grant Worktag Request Form [rev Feb 2024]   (MS-Excel File)
Multiple Secondary Award Line (SAL) Reconciliation Form [rev Oct 2020]  (MS-Excel File)
NIH RPPR certification [rev Jun 2018] (Email Form)
No-Cost Extension Request [rev Oct 2023]   (Web Form)
NSF Salary Rebudget Request Form [rev Aug 2019] (MS-Excel File)
PI Departure Questionnaire [rev Jun 2024] (Web Form)
Rebudget Request Form [rev Apr 2021] (MS-Excel File)
Secondary Award Line Request Form [rev May 2022] (MS-Excel File)
Subrecipient Request Form [rev Feb 2020]   (PDF, 3 pages)


Other Documents
FDP Subrecipient vs Contractor Checklist (PDF, 1 Page)
ISU Guidelines for Subrecipient vs Consultant-Contractor (MS-Word File, 2 pages)
NIH Progress Report - RPPR Instruction Guide   Web Link
Other ISU Accounting and Financial Templates   Web Link