Streamlyne Phase I: Proposal Development and Routing System


Streamlyne Proposal Development (PD) User Manual – Posted 6/27/2024

The Streamlyne Proposal Development (PD) User Manual provides detailed step by step instructions on how to create and route Proposal Development documents for approval and submission. The Proposal Development (PD) document is the proposal development and routing document for each application Iowa State University (ISU) or the Iowa State University Foundation (ISUF) submits for external sponsored funding or a gift.  The data entered on the PD is validated, routed for initial review, routed for final review and workflow approvals, and submitted to the sponsor.

Streamlyne Quick Proposal (QP) User Manual – Posted 1/2/2024

The Streamlyne Quick Proposal (QP) User Manual & Quick Proposal Quick Start Guide provides detailed step by step instructions on how to request both Material Transfer Agreements (MTA’s) and Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs).  MTAs are material transfer agreements which allow for the transfer of materials such as biological organisms, vectors, germ plasm, etc. between entities and specify the rights and responsibilities of each party.  NDAs are non-disclosure agreements (also called confidentiality agreements) and specify each party’s rights and responsibilities with regard to confidential information. The data entered in the Quick Proposal is validated and submitted to the Office of Innovation Commercialization Industry Contracts Team for review.  For additional information or questions, please contact the Industry Contracts Team at

Streamlyne S2S Resource: Workarounds, Tips & Tricks – Updated Frequently

The Streamlyne S2S Help resource provides notes and tops for submission issues OSPA and the Streamlyne users have discovered about S2S submissions in our collective experience.  They aren’t necessarily evident to the PD preparer, and the warning and error checks within Streamlyne may not catch them.   This list will be updated as issues are discovered or resolved, or once their existence is addressed in long term resources.


Policy and Procedure Documentation



For questions regarding the Streamlyne Proposal Development and Routing System, please contact your OSPA Pre-Award Administrator or email

Streamlyne Go-Live & Archive Info – Communications and Information regarding Streamlyne Phase 1 Implementation has been archived here.