Streamlyne Phase I: Proposal Development and Routing System






    New System Key Concepts

    The overarching goal of the new proposal development and routing system is to support the external funding proposal development process in a manner that makes information more accessible for all stakeholders and removes pain points for both PIs and administrators.  The new cloud-based system will improve functionality, increase efficiencies, and add more value to the proposal development, budget and budget justification, proposal routing and approval, and proposal submission processes.

    • Combine GoldSheet and Cardinal Sheet into one integrated system used for both sponsored projects and gifts
    • Access to a proposal development dashboard with increased visibility and transparency of process and content at all stages of the proposal process
    • Able to feed information into system-to system (S2S) portal for proposal submissions and into the Kuali Coeus Institutional Proposals system module
    • Allow for dynamic routing with ability to make changes and to return proposal/form for rework
    • Allow for replacement of Kuali Coeus Award, Subaward, and Negotiation modules at a later implementation date (Phase II)




    Project Team

    • Nichole Richter, OSPA Streamlyne Project Manager
    • Jeremiah Baldus, ITS Software Developer
    • Dan Howell, OSPA Data Analyst
    • Alex Van Alstyne, OIC - Industry Contracts
    • Becky Musselman, OSPA Director
    • Andrea Rich, OSPA Assistant Director
    • Marva Ruther, OSPA Senior Award Administrator
    • Jill Abele, ISUF Senior Director of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations
    • Eric Alcott, ISUF Senior Director of Systems Applications
    • Peter Bowles, ISUF Senior Director of Business Intelligence
    • Shawnna Murphy, ISUF Senior Director, Gift Administration
    • Caitlin Peterson, ISUF Director of Donor Compliance Services


    Streamlyne Research Offerings

    Streamlyne Research is an eRA software with interconnected modules, cloud-based security, and industry-leading uptime.  Streamlyne modules and features to be implemented in Phase I include: Pre-Award Proposal Development and Pre-Award Institutional Proposals for both sponsored funding and gifts to co-exist under one cohesive system.  The Proposal Development module provides for the collaborative development of a proposal, including the collection of data and attachments required for approvals, reporting, and tracking.  The Institutional Proposals module provides for institutional recordkeeping of proposals submitted and agreements requested (e.g. MTAs and NDAs).  Streamlyne is a certified Workday integration partner.



    For questions regarding the Streamlyne Proposal Development and Routing System, please contact Nichole Richter at