Facility Modifications

In order to safeguard the University's assets, all physical modifications to university facilities, interior or exterior, must be approved by Facilities Planning and Management. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Remodeling of interior spaces
  • Installation of equipment that requires connection to building utilities
  • Attachment to the exterior of buildings or installation on campus grounds

The first facility consideration is to identify or determine if existing space is available; Planning Services office can assist in this process.

Consultation with FP&M when developing a grant proposal will help applicants identify appropriate budgetary considerations. Consultation will also ensure that new equipment will function as intended, the integrity of the building systems will be preserved, building codes will be addressed, and that there will be no negative impact on the facility.

In general, facility issues to consider are: electrical capacity, vibration sensitivity, temperature requirements, dust containment, exhaust, noise, floor loading, and the affect the research activity or new equipment may have on adjacent spaces. Other considerations are the ability to move the equipment into the building and the lab; are special arrangements required, will it fit through a standard door, can it be maneuvered through the corridors, and will the elevator capacity and size accommodate the equipment?

A review early in the process will allow a more accurate assessment of building related costs and the time required for building modifications. Through early consultation, FP&M's goal is to provide information that will facilitate a more timely design and construction process once the research grant is awarded.

To secure assistance from FP&M, please contact fpmplanningservices@iastate.edu when developing your proposal.