Proposal Submission Guidelines

Key points related to proposal submission

More detailed information can be viewed by reading the OSPA Handbook and/or the OSPA FAQ

  1. To allow sufficient time for appropriate review and approval, all proposals are due in OSPA a minimum of four full business days prior to the submission deadline.
  2. Remember to read the sponsor guidelines - they are critical to funding success!
  3. All external proposals must be routed electronically via the GoldSheet submission process. The GoldSheet FAQ can be viewed at: (GoldSheet FAQ)
  4. Please include the sponsor guidelines with the GoldSheet submission.
  5. You must include facilities and administrative costs for all proposal budgets unless the sponsor has a written policy that calls for a reduced or a zero rate, which the sponsor applies to all potential awardees. Attach a copy of the sponsor's policy to the GoldSheet, or include the URL for the policy. The university's policy on F&A can be viewed at:
  6. ISU does not provide voluntary cost sharing for sponsored programs. If the sponsor requires mandatory cost sharing, and you require institutional support from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and/or the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, please submit your request at least two weeks in advance of the proposal due date. The university's policy on cost sharing can be viewed at: (ISU Cost Sharing Policy)
  7. If the GoldSheet submission will include subrecipients, please include the subrecipient's signed budget pages, justification, any applicable representations and certifications, and a letter of commitment. If the subrecipient will contribute cost sharing to the proposal, please provide written documentation of the subrecipient's agreement to do so.
  8. When Iowa State University is a subrecipient under another institution's proposal, you should submit the GoldSheet as noted above since your proposal is a submission to an external sponsor.