F&A Cost Incentive Program and Incentive Program Eligibility

Updated 2/12/24

Qualifying Sponsored Programs

The facilities and administrative (F&A) cost incentive program was initially established to encourage PIs to obtain full F&A recovery on awards.  Fifteen percent of F&A charged on qualifying awards is credited to the Incentive PIIN Worktag(s).

For a sponsored project to qualify for incentive distribution, the award budget must use the applicable full and allowable F&A rate.  If the sponsor limits the F&A rate recovery to a certain percentage, this is considered full and allowable F&A recovery when there is a “published” rate that is publicly available (e.g. stated in the Proposal Guidelines or posted on a public website).  Published rates do not include emails or letters as support documentation.

In addition, if a multi-year proposal is submitted with full and allowable F&A, and the negotiated F&A rate increases during the life of the award, the award will continue to qualify for the incentive program even if the sponsor holds the F&A rate to its original level.

Incentive Program and Approved F&A Waivers

In all cases where a reduced F&A rate has been approved through the F&A Cost Reduction or Waiver (F&A Waiver) form, the sponsored program award will not be eligible for incentive distribution.

Who is Eligible to have a PI Incentive Account?

To be eligible for incentive, an individual must be listed as a PI or Co-PI on a GoldSheet or Streamlyne PD for the funded proposal.  All ISU faculty and staff can serve as Co-PIs on sponsored projects.  PI Eligibility Requirements are found on the Office of the Vice President for Research’s website at: https://research.iastate.edu/policies-procedures-tools-assets/principal-investigator-eligibility-guidelines/.

In addition, the following individuals are not eligible to receive incentive distribution:

  • Term Faculty (Clinical Track, Teaching Track, Practice Track, Adjunct, and Lecturers) who have been on appointment for less than five years
  • Term P&S employees
  • Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Post Docs
  • Affiliates who are Federal Employees
  • Visiting Faculty, Visiting Scientists, and other Visiting Scholars


Please note:  All Tenured, Tenured-Eligible and Research Track Faculty are eligible for incentive distribution.

Further information

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