Confidentiality Agreement Questionnaire Form

Principal Investigator Information
Other Party Information
If the other party sent you a draft agreement, please attach here (Please note, if you need to resend this form, you will need to reattach the document in order for the Industry Contracts team to receive it.)
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Disclosure Information
In order to prepare the Confidentiality Agreement, OIPTT would appreciate your answering the following questions:
If so, we would need to consider what type of an agreement you will need for the work, because a confidentiality agreement does not cover work being done, just exchange of information.
In drafting this sentence, please avoid making the description too broad. You do not want to obligate yourself to keeping confidential information that is outside the real purpose of your discussions, thus potentially blocking you from having conversations with other companies about other topics.
If yes, you will need to fill in the conflict of interest form on Access Plus.
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